Best Week Ever I attended a planning seminar a few years ago and during the course of the morning my fellow attendees and I got to talking about time management and how it is something we all struggle with. Even when you ’know’ what you should be doing it is often hard to actually do it. For everyone else out there who is feeling the same pain, here are my top 6 tips:
  1. Plan your ‘Best Week Ever’. If everything went exactly the way it should how would your week look?
  2. Prioritise your High Impact activities and focus on results. What are the most important things you need to get done this week? Schedule time for these FIRST.
  3. Don’t have any more than three important things on your immediate ‘to do’ list at once! If you get through them you can always add more, but if your ‘urgent’ list is 20 items long you are just going to be overwhelmed.
  4. Turn off the email reminders! Schedule time to check email and social media two or three times a day and that’s it. It’s too easy to be distracted otherwise. Unless you are waiting on something urgent you are better off focusing fully on the job at hand and getting it finished rather than rushing off at a tangent every time the email window flashes up.
  5. Be sure to include time to ‘work ON’ your business each week. That includes things like planning, marketing, writing systems, and all the ‘big picture’ stuff we need to think about as business owners.
  6. Work out when you are at your best. If you’re a morning person you should schedule your project work or large jobs in two hour blocks in the mornings. If you’re more alert in the afternoons (that’s me) you’d put your big jobs in then. Two hours is the most you’d want to spend concentrating on something without a break.
There are lots of apps available to help you with your list of jobs for the week but to plan out your perfect work week keep it simple. Use a pen and sheet of paper or a simple spreadsheet. I use a spreadsheet with the days across the top and time slots down the side. Remember the old school timetable? It’s a bit like that. Then it’s just a matter of highlighting chunks of time and deciding when, in a perfect world, you would do each thing and how long it would take. The idea is that you set it up to suit you and your work rhythms. Remember this is your best week - if everything happened exactly when and where it should this is what your week would look like. You may not ever achieve it, but what if you could? Something to aim for!

For a copy of my Best Week Ever template just click here.

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